the first set in my new MONTHLY TRIO Series: #202 JANUARY, FEBRUARY & MARCH. This pattern contains the charts for 3 cute and easy-to-stitch characters representing a month of the year. A snowman for January, a groundhog & Valentines for February, and a leprechaun for March. These designs are a quick project to add a bit of seasonal charm to your decor! I have 3 more sets representing the other months of the year waiting in the wings, so watch for them soon!


WDW: Whitewash (2), Chestnut, Flatfish, Deep Sea, Blackboard, Morris Blue, Blue Topaz, Moss, Amethyst, Begonia, Garnet, Sweetheart Rose, Crimson
Scuppernong, Hunter, Juniper, Emerald, Carrot, Terra Cotta, Kohl

CCW: Eve's Leaves

DMC Floss

FABRIC: 28ct Beautiful Beige linen

STITCH COUNT: 58w x 78h; approximate design size, 4 1/8" x 5 3/4"

Monthly Trios January, February & March - by Waxing Moon Designs