Rola Frame Lap Stand (Fits 8in to 18in Roller)

The Back Bar for the Lap Stand is 26� wide. When assembled, the legs and feet are about 25" wide.

This is the lap stand only, does not include the RolaBars or end Bars.

RolaFrames are handmade buy 1 man. This man, is Dan King, of The Splinters Shoppe in Huntsville, Alabama. He currently works in his shop 7 days a week, while raising 2 adorable children. These 2 adorable children you seen the photos of the product are now nearly teens, and keep him pretty busy.

Due to the popular demand and the 1 Man Show, delivery times are currently 4 months.

When ordering, please order this item separate from other items unless you are also ordering the rola bars and end bars.

RolaFrames - Huntsville Alabama - Lap Stand