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36 Ct Ancient - by Picture This Plus

36 Count Ancient by Picture This Plus.  Hand Dyed Cross Stitch Fabric

Price is listed is per sq. inch. You pick the size.  All fabrics are cut and serged upon ordering.  


To determine how many square inches are within your project, multiple the length times the width.

Then select the "Square Inches" from the quantity selector.




Fabric Size 9x21 select Quantity 189

Fabric Size 10x12 select Quantity 120

Fabric Size 10x18 select Quantity 180

Fabric Size 12x14 select Quantity 168

Fabric Size 15x24 select Quantity 360

Fabric Size 18x22 select Quantity 396

Fabric Size 18x27 select Quantity 486

Fabric Size 36x42 select Quantity 1512